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Organizations that work to end human trafficking have identified a number of signs that may point to human trafficking:

>    The person is not allowed to speak for themselves and their activities are controlled by someone else.

>    The person is under 18 and involved in prostitution or sex work.

>    The person is unpaid or paid very little to work, and seems to be treated poorly (long or unusual hours, not allowed breaks, forced to live in poor conditions, etc.).

>    The person is repaying a large debt through labour or sex..

>    The person seems fearful, anxious, depressed, submissive, tense, or nervous/paranoid. They may avoid eye contact, seem fearful around police, etc.

>    The person shows signs of abuse, such as bruising, cigarette burns, fractures, etc.

>    The person has tattooing or branding symbols, particularly names.

>    The person doesn’t have their own things or money, and doesn’t control their own passport or other documents.

>    The person seems malnourished or lacks medical care.

>    The person is moved frequently and may not know their surroundings well.

>    The person has been reported missing.

Signs to Look For

>    Most people who are trafficked for sex are women and girls, but boys, men and people who are LGBTQ’S are also targeted.

>    The age of recruitment is as low as 12 or 13.

>    Homeless and marginalized youth are targeted by sex traffickers.

>    Youth who struggle with low self-esteem, bullying, discrimination, poverty, abuse, isolation and other social or family issues may be targeted.

>    Indigenous women and girls are especially likely to be trafficked.

>    Addiction, mental health issues and developmental disabilities are also risk factors.

Who is

at Risk?

While doing surveillance on a pimp during a human trafficking investigation, Durham Regional Police Services (DRPS) noticed these pimps are out without a question actively recruiting in public places that our family members go to and frequent on a regular basis.

Common recruitment locations

>   Schools

>   Malls

>   Libraries

>   Group homes

>   Bus Stops

>   Parties at Hotels

>   On-line social media

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