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These are  two strong tools to preventing human trafficking even before it starts. Understanding “Who is at Risk?” and “Signs to Look For” can make a real impact on preventing and guarding those we care about from the horrors of human trafficking. Please share this website with others—the more our community is aware can make a real impact.

Education & Awareness

The most powerful weapon of warfare is prayer. Please make a commitment to stand with us in prayer for human trafficking.




>   For children at risk, that they would be protected from those who seek to exploit them.

>   For Pastors and church leaders to encourage and challenge their congregations to action.

>   For local, provincial and federal laws to protect the vulnerable and punish the perpetrators.

>   That the pornography industry would continue to be  exposed and those involved brought to justice.

>   That education and awareness be introduced into the school systems.

>   That dialogue would happen in our communities, and events be held to bring the issue of human trafficking in Durham Region to the forefront.

>   That families would be renewed, strengthened and unified.

>   That parents would see the value in their children and communication between them would open up.

>   For men and women involved in choosing and grooming the victims to be exposed.

>   For all areas of our society that contribute to human trafficking; poverty, greed, lack of education and breakdown of the family.

>   For safe houses and the staff and volunteers needed to operate them.

>   For ministries and organizations dedicated to rescuing and restoring victims.

>   For hope for those being held captive.

>   For healing and restoration for those who have been abused and exploited.

>   For johns and pimps to be arrested and prosecuted.



For their strength and salvation...

Ps.138:7, Is.40:29, Lk.19:10

For their protection, freedom and justice...

Ps.82:4, PS.103:6, Ps.146:7

For their hope and healing...

Ps.40:1-3, Jer.30:17, Jer.31:17



For conviction, repentance and salvation...

Is.55:7, Rom.5:6-8, 2Tim.2:25

For criminal networks to dismantle...

Ps.7:9, Ps.37:17, Ps.37:20

For the oppressors to be arrested and prosecuted...

Is.16:4b, Jer.22:3, Amos 5:15a



For implementation of just legislation...

Prov.8:15, Prov.29:4, Neh.9:13

For local, provincial and federal representatives...

Deut.16:18, Deut.17:8, Ps.12:5

For corruption to cease...

Deut.16:19, Amos 5:12, Zech.8:16




Prov.14:21, Is.58:7, Is.61:1


Joel 3:3-6, Lk.12:15, 1Tim.6:10a

Breakdown of Family

Gen.1:27, Gen.2:24, Acts16:31



The reality of trafficking is unveiled...

Mk.4:22, Lk.12:2, Eph.5:13

For strategies to raise awareness...

Ps.25:4, Prov.3:5-6, Is.55:9

For people to be stirred to action...

Is.58:6, James 1:22, James 2:16-17

Your support to Set Free Durham really makes a difference in fighting against human trafficking in Durham Region. Your support is used to increase awareness to our community so that everyone can be alert to the signs of Human Trafficking and help prevent it from ever starting. We also support our partner organizations that care for victims of Human Trafficking.



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We would love for you to become a part of our team. Or maybe you would prefer to join the fight against human trafficking by joining one of our community partners. Contact us or contact one of the partners below.



Our Community Partners include:

Anti-Human Trafficking Coalition, Durham Region Human Trafficking Coalition Human Trafficking Victim Support Anti-Human Trafficking Police Enforcement and Support is a coalition of organizations fighting against human trafficking in Durham Region. Their website is specifically targeted at young potential victims and family members of potential victims. Through education and equipping this website is used as a preventative tool.

SafeHope Home's long-term objective is to break this cycle of exploitation by providing a way out for these young women by providing a unique and comprehensive long-term recovery program of 3 to 7 years. We will provide them with housing, child care services (if needed), counseling, recovery, life skills, job preparedness classes, job shadowing and on the job training.

Durham Regional Police - Human Trafficking Unit has identified Individuals within our Region that are being exploited through Human Trafficking, and many are from stable, well-educated families. Pro-Active initiatives  and feedback from Victims has assisted in identifying new root causes within the Human Trafficking subculture.

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